Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Innate Beauty

Despite being incredibly busy over the past few days, I have managed to find time for many of my favourite activities, which  includes photography (here I go again!). My subjects off late have been varied and mostly natural. And in all I have noticed one common thread - they look more beautiful when they are where they truly belong.

A monkey jumping from one branch to another in a dense forest...another scratching his friend's back to relieve him from his that wear colours with textures that only enhance their splendour...a lake that provides a mirror to the sky above and the forest surrounding it...a shoe print in the sand, burying a leaf with ruthless perfection...the lack of sophistication of villagers, that you so want but can't have...or the sun taking  time off from it's boredom of watching over many lives it has brightened in one part, only to see some more in another.

Harder Baby..


The Sky is Falling!


Shy Boy

Saying "c u l8r"

They are sights which give me contentment, put me at peace with myself. They give me company when I want to be alone, help me forget the damage and worries engendered by man on his world. Inspiration comes from the most unlikeliest of things, living or eternal! The least I can do is not overlook it. 

To see more of what I saw and loved, click here.


vishesh said...


Pallavi said...

I cant stop gushing over that cute shy kid!!!
He is sooooooo cute!!!!!!

Metallica bhakt! said...

the reflection of the clouds in the stillness of water is amazingly captured!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely....Loved each pic bit by bit.

Nikita said...

Good work there. Nicely put. Nicely clicked. And pallavi...he is mine :P

The Illuminator said...

Am I supposed to send a smilie back?!

@nix and pal
Yes he is cute, but there need be no fights over him just yet. There's time girls.

If I were standing upside down, may be I would be deceived by the sight. But it represented the word 'serene'.

Yes, in your words, it is all 'organic'.

SimplyBlessedBliss said...

incredibly captured! Love those captures dude.. true nature admirer.. Nature-A perfect serene- reflected in your captures..

Vishy said...

You are so right when you say that inspiration comes from the most unlikeliest of things... It's up to us to search for it though...