Friday, December 26, 2008

Back to their Old Ways

The impact of 26/11 was such that I began to believe it would be the foundation of change in our country.  I saw early signs of it. Both the politicians and the citizens showed promised. But barely a month down the line, while the latter are still trying to find new ways to contribute to the state of the nation, the former are back what they do best, politicize the issue. 

Mr. Antulay, the cabinet minister for minorities found a new found profession, that of a conspiracy theorist. The accusations that ATS Chief Hemant Karkare’s death was a plot by Hindu extremists took centre stage, over shadowing the voice of many Indians who were asking much more potent questions at that stage. The 542 remaining members of parliament got so involved in pressurizing him for his resignation that they passed 8 important bills in 17 minutes. 

While the chaos was on in Delhi, I found one Mr. Bal  Thackrey’s comments extremely inflammatory and misplaced, though highly amusing. I think you will too by the time I share them with you. 

Mr. Thackrey quoted in his newspaper, Saamna, “Most of the people who lit candles in front of the Taj were useless (he used the word nalayak). Where were they when terrorists attacked us before 26/11?” 

Shouldn’t he be asking himself, why he and his many mad men didn’t show up even after the 26/11 incident happened? Did their balls drop off? Did they feel that their hockey sticks and stone would not help against AK-47 and grenades? 

People have always been doing their bit. There have been citizen vigilance groups in the past and there are many more active now. People are also contributing for the modernization of the police force by pooling in funds. There are also funds to collect money for the treatment of the injured who are still recovering in hospitals. Mr.Thackrey what have you done? 

He further comments about the women in the vigil, “These women did not fight anything before this candle light show. They may not have seen or heard about the protests by our female freedom fighters and the women who fought for unified state of Maharashtra.” 

It is sad that women need to fight when they are supposed to be contributing to the countries growth economically and socially. Besides, what they are doing is not fighting, it is called protest. Must have heard the word right? Your men always find illogical reasons to protest (read bandhs, curfews, violence, loss of property) At least these women have a valid cause. 

And those female freedom fighters he is talking about had a bunch of leaders who they could really look up to. We have eunuchs who only know how to talk. (By the way, why is ‘our female freedom fighters’ and ‘the women who fought for unified state of  Maharashtra’ put separately? Any guesses?) 

The last statement of his, which was by far the winner, was about the rise of Hindu terrorist groups. “I want Hindus to produce terrorists. That would be the way to tackle the present situation.” 

Brilliant. Hahahaha. Thank goodness you are not our Prime Minister. Half of Asia would be in the middle of a nuclear war by now.

He needs tutoring by Mr.Ratan Tata. Oh I so love the man’s dignity and wit! I am going to the Taj if I get a good enough reason to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

I never felt 26/11 would bring such a drastic change. But it did...
Thanks for dropping-by at my blog and for your kind words! :)

Labyrinthine said...

I am so used to seeing them come back to their old ways...that I am not surprised at all.Be it Bal Thakeray or Rahul Gandhi,the are all the same.

Pallavi said...

Its a vicious circle! No matter how far you go, you end up at the same point. Its futile expecting anything different, as I have come to realize watching those politicians at a closer proximity on a few occasions.
Our's was, is and I'm afraid, will remain a dysfunctional democracy for long, long time to come!

Vishy said...

This may be slightly off the point, but I want to state it anyway. Al Gore, in "An Inconvenient Truth", says that it is very easy to go from not caring about a problem to saying, "Oh, nothing can be done". Of course, he states it in a completely different sense, but I want to use it to convey just one point: we shouldn't lose hope so quickly, and our loss of hope shouldn't be fuelled by non-personalities like Bal Thackeray. Too often do we end up blaming the politicians and the system. While they may be at fault and we are justified in blaming them, it is perhaps wiser to release all that energy in a fruitful direction.
And I'd like to add; the very fact that we are discussing this, the very fact that the voice of the common man is heard makes this a working democracy. Its just that we need to direct our energies in the right direction to make the democracy work better, because we are the fuel that drives it after all.

vishesh said...

lol :P


The Illuminator said...

The pleasure was completely mine. Keep visiting!!

Yeah, one as impossible as the other.

We will not be dysfunctional citizens. Our half will work. I am certain.

No one is losing hope here man. Just that we are looking for a way to show the politicians a way. We have not yet found it but we will.

Happy New Year. Your wish is always incomplete without the smilie :D