Monday, November 17, 2008


There is life beyond good days and bad days. And sometimes, it goes far beyond the days of mundane existence and mere achievements, days where you feel you are invincible. No person can hurt you. No thought can enter your mind.

You are blank, as empty as the sands of a barren desert. Yet, you don't feel parched. You are at peace, with yourself and all the variables around you, in every wordly equation that is yet unsolved. You think of those who love you, those who have prayed for you and those who have given you luck and realise that with so much positivity surrounding you, there can be no space for a pessimism.

You start believing in yourself like you never have. An aura surrounds you, like an armour that takes all the blows when you are fencing your enemy off. Your are overwhelmed by a sense of objectivity. Your mission is to defeat your only enemy - panic.

Life gives you second chance, but you are worthy of it only if you have lived upto yourself in your first attempt. Your attitude changes. 'Enough' is no longer the same it was before. 'Before' is of no consequence to what happens later. 'Later' is not the time you wish to do what you want to do today.

Hopeful you are and it is hope that you get. A good bargain. A good day. No, a day that makes you feel good.


Vishy said...

Quite inspiring... It takes a lot to get to this level of realization, though. How does one get there, I wonder.

Pallavi said...

"You are blank, as empty as the sands of a barren desert. Yet, you don't feel parched."
Profound,to say the least.
Stay inspired, though it is one of the hardest things to do.

vishesh said...

ha those days :)

The Illuminator said...

Getting there is not as difficult as staying there. I am already out of the state. Will have to start all over from scratch again.

Yes, we both sure know that.

It's not funny. Demands more than a smiley. :P

Anonymous said...

i can't wait for one of those days to swing by. it's been too long and i've been going through the exact opposite.

i hope you're having lots of them!