Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Everyone has a unique way of talking. I love observing how individuals from different parts of the country speak and the verbal etiquette they follow. Recently, in a lecture, while making notes, I was also meticulously paying attention to the facilitator's style of speaking and noting the anomalies down. By the end of it, I had quite an elaborate list of mispronounced words, which some of you might even laugh on if you are fastidious about the spoken word. I am writing a part of it down here, the objective being to see if any of you can correctly guess which part of the country this person was from.
  • hierarchical: high-rar-chick-al
  • quotation: ko-tay-sun
  • section: sex-sun
  • information: in-for-may-suns
  • fatal: phat-tal
  • inflation: in-flaa-sun
  • users: u-sh-ers
  • able: abb-le (like apple)
  • foxpro: fox-fro
  • concentration: cun-sunn-tra-sun
  • null: know-all
  • balance: baa-lansh-e
  • people: pee-pols
  • Hemant: hee-maan-t
  • view: byu-hh
  • segregate: sigrig-gate
  • study: sturr-dy
  • intuition: in-stu-sun
  • child: child-sh
  • special: s(f)a-sal
  • server: surfer
  • later: latter
  • sincere: sincere-s
  • architecture: ar-chie-tec-ture
  • screws up: screweds ups
The last one was my personal favourite. Before I sh-tarts screwings up of my laanguage, I batter shtop writing dish posht. Happy guessing!


I changed the blog background. I tried three completely different looks all together and finally used this one. Please tell me it doesn't look too monotonous.

Last time on, many people were complaining of poor visibility of the body text, so I decided to give it a single shade this time.


vishesh said...

nice i hear a lot of weird ones through the day :)

and there are ppl who correct the way i say a few words! lol :) but i like to learn the right way to say the words :)

Anonymous said...

hey... nice writing there. adding you to my blogroll. hope to see the same from you. will keep coming back and will keep commenting.

Seeker of Truth said...

At the top of their voices though purists may rant,
Finding the exit route from Babel we just can't!
It will be ever in doubt
If route rhymes with root or rout
Until we invent the oral Spell-Check implant!