Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Inertia of Rusted System

Call me a cribber, but I am not the one who will take mediocrity in my stride. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people love mediocrity. Not that they can't strive for change, but they don't want to do it. Right from college where we are stuck with an ancient education system to sports where we are still proud of being 46th in the points tally of the Olympic games, the sense of complacency is programmed in our genes.

Do we not have the spark? We all do, but we let it die. We are not quick enough to light the fire while it lasts. Each one of us has ideas. Each one of us has plans. Who will fear embarassment in case of failure? Isn't it better to remaining at the same position in the ladder than two steps lower? The fear of failure overshadows the reason why one would suport a bright idea, forget coming up with it.

Most of the time when there is an opinion poll, say of 10 people, there will be two who agree, two who disagree and the remaining six won't have any opinion at all. We prefer staying neutral because we fear the consequences of our response. There is a chance that frankness might have repercussions, but isn't it a chance worth taking?

Diplomacy has its own place. Who says you can't be honest in your feedback without being diplomatic? Speak up. The 'chalta hai' attitude takes away the 'right to complain' from you.

The majority is not always right. The majority will mostly do what is best. It takes one man to do the right thing. I don't know if Manmohan Singh and the way he stood firm on the Nuclear Deal issue is a good enough example (thanks to all the controversy surrounding the trust vote), but it sure takes courage to bring about change and he showed it is possible. Even his party had put the deal on hold until he put his foot down and said that it must get through for the good of the nation. Him getting the majority later is a secondary issue but I admire his will.

We are a billion strong nation. Even a million enlightened souls among us can set a ablaze a movement for change. We love remaining static, but change is inevitable and we should take the movement for change in our hands to ensure it is for a greater good.

Satisfaction and complacency are very contrasting in nature. Nevertheless, we have a misplaced sense of satisfaction in our complacency. Let us getting our definitions right to begin with.


Pallavi said...

I totally agree with you..people need to wake up and stop shirking their responsibilities towards the nation in general and themselves in particular..
well written.

Anonymous said...

apathy is probably one of the biggest problems today. the entire mindset of 'someone else will do it anyway' is extremely sad. or 'it won't make a difference'.

i'm not pro-violence, nor am i revolutionary or radical, but i don't think that a little get-up-and-go is asking for too much.

and SORRY. i will update. really!

vishesh said...

lol see my latest post :) have written abt this but in a different way :)