Friday, August 15, 2008

How I wish teachers were so nice!

Around a fortnight ago, each of us was asked in class “Which is that one object you think represents you the best?” People came up with innovative answers like mountain, ice, a moter bike, the Internet, a bridge, the Sun, even ‘Paani Puri’ supplementing them with reasons and corollaries.

My spontaneous answer was the digital camera. I went home thinking about what I had said. Was it my love for photography? Was it only my obsession with my digital camera? Later while discussing it with a friend, I realized that what seemed like impulse could have had a deeper explanation to it. Besides, there were many valuable lessons I could learn from the digicam. (Reminds me of Blink and 'rapid cognition'!)

Firstly, it captures the real picture, as it is, where it is. Being a realist is both a good and bad thing. My friends hate me for being over-logical, not taking pleasure in the imperfections of life. It can be a pain but the truth always hurts. Even more when it is told you before you find out on you own. However the good thing about digicams is you can actually enhance the picture to match your requirements with all the loaded software tools at your disposal. You can manipulate minor details and remove the blemishes without anyone even noticing.

Secondly, the camera can zoom in and out depending on the user’s input. Similarly we need to see the bigger picture when we are a little lost in life. I usually tend to do that. Stay still and observe. It always helps. Once you lock your target, you can always zoom in. See if your subject is in focus and shoot it!

Thirdly, these days digicam have amazing macro features. I am talking about attention to detail, the tiny features on the surface of a petal, or the beautiful colours on the wings of a butterfly, the kind of stuff you see on the covers of National Geography. It is vital to scan through life-like scenarios closely. How often do we look for something which is actually before our eyes?

Fourthly, cameras come with huge storage. Gone are the days where you would have to count the available film strips in your camera. I don’t know if it is mandatory to have a good memory in the times of modern technology as an individual, but it sure helps when you are in a live conversation with no time to go back to your diary or to-do-lists. Besides, like my mom always says (when she is bugged with the amount of time I spent with my camera), no camera can ever capture an image as beautiful as your eyes can. Needless to say, I never listen.

Next up is the customizability options provided in digicams. Talk about technology being made user friendly (heard of the auto mode anyone?). The interface is so easy to handle that any one can click good pictures, if not become a good photographer in the modern era. We should take a cue here and learn to adapt to various people and remain flexible in difficult circumstances.

Last but not the least is the long battery life on cameras (NiMH and Li-Ion rocks). You have enough to last 400-500 pictures in normal conditions. That’s how energetic you need to be in order to live through the hectic work routines we have these days. The power is in your mind, not in that can of Redbull!

There is loads more to my new teacher but since this is a blog post and not a camera manual, I will end it here.

It has been a long time I tagged someone. I will begin a chain right away. Which is that one object you think represents you the best? You have to choose an object of your choice and describe the teachings it offers. The tag goes to:

The Silent Screamer


vishesh said...

lol :) thanks will do it soon...

interesting the camera :P

Anonymous said...

nice one dude. and thanks for tagging. i will surely write it after coming back from Pakistan in a weeks time. thanks again.

Silent Screamer said...

As i already said before...VERY interesting question!relating yourself to an object is not an easy task! and u hav a more interesting answer!impressive!i think you have very aptly chosen the object that you think represents you.
And as you hav tagged me too,i'll have to rack my brains real hard to come up with a nice answer.will blog soon.

The Illuminator said...

Will love to see what you have got!

Pakistan? Wow..why?

Yeah I expect yours to be as interesting. Hope it is not a medical procedure though [;)]

Anonymous said...

I am going there for my Seeds of Peace Homestay program. More information on my blog.

Shruti said...

Hey..i am visitin ur blog for the first time...n i must admit that it is one of the best blogs i have come across...keep up the good work !!!

nains m said...

I like this post. relating your self with something ain't easy, but you've done a neat job!
I particularly like the part where you've written about focusing....locking...zooming your target!