Sunday, July 27, 2008

Office Office

Funny how kids play house-house and teacher-teacher but never play office-office. May be they just know that it is not fun. May be humans are born with an instinctive antipathy towards structured work. Last week was my first at office and it was not as bad as I thought it could be.

I want to pen down the first impressions I had of work (actually training) so far for my own record. If I only keep this to myself, I might just create distorted versions with time. So here goes.

What excited me about work?
  1. The smoothness with which the organisation functions. (I hate the college administration)
  2. The professionalism which is put in every task here. (It is a level apart)
  3. Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate on the house. (It spoils you)
  4. Conducive work environment. (Wow! It's cool, quiet and colourful.)
  5. Salary (For the first time, my hard earned money, no matter how much it is)
  6. Security (Seems super cool. No non-sense here)
  7. People (A whole new bunch to interact with and learn from)
  8. Learning (Loads, tough but efficient)
  9. Transparency and Approachability (Yes, everyone's very helpful and open for a debate)
  10. The scale of the organisation (It's plain huge, 49 countries and more than 170000 people)
What am I apprehensive about?
  1. No bunking for convenience. (Colleges spoil you)
  2. Formal clothes. (I don't like wearing them in the rains)
  3. The Boss (I haven't met him, so I don't exactly know what it is like to have one)
  4. Tests (Passing is no longer 40 percent)
  5. Managing my own finances (Yes, I will become a tax-payer now)
  6. Making time for friends and family (9 to 6 is just to begin with)
  7. No Christmas and Summer vacations (Sigh! I need prior permission now)
  8. The Bench (No Comments)
  9. My team-mates (Again like the boss, I haven't met them so I don't know)
  10. Finding time for my other passions (read photography and blogging)
None of the point is in a clearly demarcated category as of now, but the obscurity will reduce with the passage of time. Till then, I have to wait, watch and deliver ''high-performance''!


Pallavi said...

You win some,you lose some.
Who said life was easy? Its just got more exciting for you :)

Seeker of Truth said...

While beginner's optimism to you still clings
While you're still able to dismiss forebodings
Know that it all may go for a toss
The very moment you're told who's boss
Just wait, just wait till you get to the thick of things!

vishesh said...

lets start the new game :)

The Illuminator said...

It definitely got hectic! Exciting in a lesser way.

LOL. I am already facing the slope.

You can take my place till November ;)