Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Against Hope Hope'n

You are anticipating an important call. You keep checking the phone every 2 minutes to see if it is working. You even check your phone occasionally when you hear some other phone ring. And when it finally does ring, you hear that extremely familiar tone "Hello Sir, I am calling up from Blah Blah bank. Are you interested in a personal loan?"

I am sure we have all been in that situation before, where you rarely get what you most expect. It seems to be the law of the universe. I think it is a incomprehensible trick your head plays on you. Why does it always feel you have waited the longest time for your bus? Why do you think that every other bus except the one en route to your destination stops by the bus stop but yours? Eventually when you decide to take a rickshaw, there you see it in appearing in the far end of the road.

On a recent trip, we had confirmed reservations in a train and we were hoping that it'll be a fun trip to our destination, the whole groups of friends together. It turned out as always, we were wrong. We couldn't find our seats in the first place because as it turned out the seat numbers were not marked on any seat. When we did locate them, we had to literally win our right over them because valid arguments do not work against a certain species of obstinate Marathi Manoos. We spent half our time finding seats. The remaining half in secluded groups of 2-3 trying to at least hold our ground against the tide of people, hungry and crammed for space. What a joyride!

It had become a ritual in college, to predict the day the examination cell will declare the results. Many would cry wolf, many more would even take the bait. There will be murmurs that today is the day, five o'clock is the time of reckoning. They would never come. In fact we had got so used to the wait-and-watch game that we stopped believing results would actually come at a preinformed time. Last four semesters at a trot, I have either been out with friends, at a movie or just sleeping at home when the results have been announced. You always know there will be a few who'll wait every time there is a slightest of chance that the scores will be displayed so why bother.

What will be, will be. It is better to let time reveal it's moves rather than trying to predict them. The more you expect, the more you are disappointed when expectations are not met. I know and yet I continue to build high hopes whenever there is an opportunity. Old habits die hard.

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