Sunday, April 13, 2008


Pensive and dreary for a reason
Beyond it spring and summer season
Peering into a heart's horizon
I found a man that lay awakened

Tears flowed like the rain
The darkness he saw in vain.
'Coz there was death and there was sorrow
In the withering trees of his solemn woods.

Death of kinsmen and their kings
To his past were they the only strings
One by one like a strider's sword
Fate inflicted its deadening blows.

Living strong his head held high
Despite the hurts that made him cry
He continued to grow old
The soul fading faster than its abode.

The holy lights guided him
Between that period interim,
The second he stopped living
And the moment he died.


jyotsana said...

thank god u left that explanation ........that connexion btween the illuminator and the ssssssshhhhhh whispering shadow.

The Illuminator said...

Thnk god? He didn't have anything to do in this ;) Anyways, welcome to the Shadows..

S.Ghosh said...

hi just want to say
"companionship with good books,some good human beings,watching and listenning movies and music of ones choice and above all a thinking cap are what make mortal life sweet"

and you are a "thinker "

loved the post

The Illuminator said...

Hmmmm..That's one of the facets you have discovered. Keeping reading to know more!! Thanks for the elaborate compliment.

HeatherLynn said...

What a lovely poem. You write well...

This is my first reading of yours, looking forward to reading more.


The Illuminator said...

@HL: Thanks! This is the one-of-those-moods creation, like you asked in your reply..