Monday, March 31, 2008

Just Do It

There are times when you are restless. Your hands are itching to do something but you don't have the time for it. Your mind is brimming with ideas but you keep ignoring them because of matters of greater priority. Last week I did everything I wanted and more, seeing off yet another session of mockery called periodics, hopefully my last one. Actually it was the uselessness of these tests that got me going.

For starters, I finally attended a full-fledged birthday treat after ages, bang in the middle of tests. The best part was it was home-cooked food made especially for us, and not a flavour less than the most delectable dish you get in any restaurant followed by the yummiest of fruit cakes I have ever eaten. When I say that, you got to take my word on it, because I have eaten cakes from one to many confectioneries, and none has stimulated my taste buds like this one. Thank you aunty and S.A. your gift is ready!

I finally found time to give my blog template a new look. I liked the previous rich black template, but it had been that since a long time, so I thought I will make a switch. I ran through quite a few sites with ready templates but then I didn't like most of them. In stead I decided why not use one of the many pictures which I have clicked. I chose one of the wide bottom angle pictures of the woods of Ooty, which have sunlight creeping in through the canopy in sync with the the lights and shadows theme of my blog. Let me know how you like it.

Most importantly, we had a mega brainstorming session on an idea whose seeds had sown in our minds a long back. We'll get to the 'we' part when the time is right. For now, all I can tell you that it is big, noble and revolutionary! As a direct result, the work involved is also tremendous but if we pull it off, you will hear about it before I tell you. Actually the stakes are so high that there are no 'ifs' and 'buts,' we have to pull it off.

Lastly, we finally got back our final year project completion back on track. We had to take a forced sabbatical from the work due to the unforeseen inefficiency of our college department at providing the right resources at the right time. I will write an entire blog on my views of on my college before I end my engineering education, so watch out for this space. There is loads to write, both good and bad, so there will surely be more than one post!

All in all, a week of action brings a lot of satisfaction.


wolf counsellor said...

better late than never, btw pretty neat template

The Illuminator said...

Thanks for the compliment. Keep visiting.

arshat.chaudhary said...

nice posts..reminds me of my engg days..and nice clicks..

The Illuminator said...

Hi. Oh yeah, these days are like none that have ever been, and none that will ever be! Do you have a personal blog too?