Friday, March 07, 2008

Tagged with a 'T'

I have just been tagged by Yashshri. Her highness has assigned the letter ‘T’ to me. The tag demands I take words with T which mean something to me and tell you what my connection with them is. Silly, yeah, but should be fun. Besides I have never been tagged before. So here goes…

The: Can’t live without the word.
The Pursuit of Happyness: My most motivating movie.
Taboos: State of Mind.
Tahina: Love my felafels with it.
Tact: Too much of anything is not good.
Teeth: Pain, especially wisdom teeth.
Tabloids: Why?
Tomatoes: Healthy, besides I like red!
Tailors: Takes ages to find the right one.
Team: Good to be a part of, even better to lead one.
Tenacious: Mumbai
Telephone: The best thing that could happen to social animals.
Trekking: Rejuvenating.
Tax: Necessary evil.
Tireless: My spirit
Tea: Avoidable.
Timeless: A great idea.
Time: What I am always short of when it is needed the most.
Talisman: Sheer superstition.
Talk: Becomes a conversation only after a certain amount of refinement.
Take-aways: Bachelor’s Bliss
Toblerone: Wow.
Television: A break from work.
Tandoor: A nice change from home made rotis.
Tan: Not my reason to visit a beach.
Tantrums: A one Ms.S..gupta.
Tattoo: Depends where they are ;)
Tendulkar: Class personified.
T-Rex: The next thing I want to see at a zoo, though non-man-eating ones.
Tests: Futile.
Tennis: Roger Federer
Testing: Mandatory.
Tiffin: The only thing that keeps you going through the lectures.
Thinking: Something which I don’t get tired off.
Thanking: Very few people who truly mean it.
Trust: Easier broken than built.
Trains: More fun than low-cost airlines, if with a group.
Travel: Australia.
Tigers: Awe inspiring and regal.
Technology: Overwhelming and evolving perpetually.
Tight Pants: Depends on who’s wearing them.
T- shirts: Made for comfort.
Tight Spots: Push you higher.
Tobacco: A step closer to death.
Touch: Sense and Sensibility ;)
Times: The newspaper I write for.
Traffic: Lots in Mumbai, even more in Dubai.
Today: The most important day of my life.
Tomorrow: Oh my god, I have so much to do.
Towel: Ranbir Kapoor in Sawariyaa (Why?!!)
Twelfth: Birth Date.
Twosome: Acceptable.
Threesome: What were you thinking?!
Twenty-Twenty: Exhilarating.
Twilight: The best time to click pictures.
Talent: Photography and writing.
Tender: Mumma’s love.
Tedious: Assignments.
Topper: 96.2 ;)
Tummy: Subjected to a lot of poorly selected food.
Tags: Fun.

I pass this tag to
Pallavi - the letter ‘L’
AI -the letter ‘P’(I know there is an ocean you can talk on, but the most significant aspects which you may want to discuss)


Seeker of Truth said...

I've played my turn...not with pairs of two, but with triads of P!

sthupit girl said...

Wow. That's a lot of patience and a lot a free time.

You write for the TIMES? You're kidding me.



P.S. There's a link to my page on your page! There's a link to my page on your page!

The Illuminator said...

I write not when I have a lot of time but when I am bored of doing everything else. This was a friend's request so I obliged and it turned out to be interesting (once in a while,frivolous posts are quite ok)

Don't get so excited. So far it is only Education Times!

PS: Yes, there is a link to your page on my page. I had forgotten the name of your blog so had to run through previous comments to see what were you upto off late. Linked you for my convenience.

sthupit girl said...

You still write for the TIMES!! Do you have a regular column or something?


P.S. Oh be nice. Don't burst the bubble.

The Illuminator said...

See, I only link those on my blog who either write well or are my friends. You aren't the latter yet! :) (I hope the bubble's inflated a little more)

potter said...

DAwda ...TIMES...nevva knew it...kewl!!...nd so wat f itz education times,itz TOI alrite :)

lolz @ S..gupta,few wud understand.

Ps: yepz ur blogs bettr dn "Udas" Shetty atleast,ageed !!:D

-- prit Sa