Sunday, February 03, 2008

Under Control?

Everytime I approach a vacation, I make big plans. I will do everything I haven't been able to do so far since I am going to have a lot of time on my hands. Holidays come like a Virar fast local and rush past you as quickly. You realise a little too late that you were waiting on the wrong platform to have fun.

The train is gone and now you have to make up for all the fun you missed, because of reasons under or beyond your control. What do you do? Have fun in the semester. How? Go out every weekend. If that doesn't suffice, go out on weekdays too. Anyways attending lectures is not the most-productive exercise that can be.
But then there are other things that have greater priority, regardless of whether you like to do them. So you got to strike a balance. How? If I knew the answer, Iwould not have been writing this post.

An apparently simple step towards acheiving that state of balance would be atleast identifying those priorities. Categorising activities as ''must do'' and ''want to do'' and setting deadlines for each might just help.

The reason I don't want to do so is that a considerable number of times I find that 80% of what I do falls in the former category and only 20% in the latter, albeit a better ratio would have been of equal distribution between the two.

The only way out seems forcing myself to like what I must do. See, another must do in the already long list. Or the less preferrable option is not doing what must be done in order to make way for the want to do's, and of course, being prepared for the dire consequences that come with this decision of yours.

Eventually, everytime I come to this juncture, I start wondering if all this analysis is again a part of the must-do list? Yes it is. Oh no, not again! I think I will drift for some more time until I find a better solution to how to take control of life. Actually, is it even required?


sneha said...

you seem to be inspired by that guy...i dnt rememeber his name...who had cme for ur sympo..and thn seminar tooo...uska hi line directly challa....originality kidhar hai yaar???????????

Whispering Shadow said...

Neeraj Manchanda. Yeah he ws good. I always had the idea bt he framed it well. Besides, in the blog, it was more personalised.