Monday, January 14, 2008

Question Mark

Each answer has a question, but is the converse true? It is. It isn’t perhaps. I am confounded. Some might say it’s a matter of whether you belief in what answers are given to you. Some might simply accept the fact that there are no answers. Others will argue that these questions themselves are objectionable. I don’t know about which side of the debate to support, but what I do know is there are a few questions which I haven’t been able to find convincing answers to.

Science has given us a lot of convincing reasons behind how most worldly occurrences take place. Its arguments are supported with facts and figures and can be considered credible. We now have answers to a variety of questions like what an atom is made of, what the El Nino cycle is all about, how to control nuclear fusion and even what led to the creation of the world? Ever wondered how did all the matter come into being in the first place? If there was no matter in the first place, then where did all the energy to create that matter come from? You know at some point in the unending inquiry, you reach a stage where you say “God made it all, he is the creator of the Universe,” but ever wondered who made God? Isn’t God simply a mirage of human insecurities? I am not atheist and I do believe in the power of the Supreme Being, but then if you look at it logically, it doesn’t fit.

Move on from the point of creation to the point where it all ends - Death. Or wait, does it end after all? Is there salvation in the truest sense of the word? Legend has it that a number of ancient civilizations laid a lot of importance on a person’s life beyond those doors of death. Another few believed in the second-life, that is re-incarnation. Does life after death exist?

The end of a life is one thing; the end of the world is another. Is there a possibility that Universe will end one day? Scientists say there is an anti-thesis to the Big Bang Theory, called the Big Crunch, which claims that the world will end in an exactly opposite way it was created. But if it has to end, why was there all this jazz in the first place creating it?

On a different note, there has been more than one instance of a haunting, unexplained death or disappearance, a great miracle and there is a lot of study going on in this regard, but none has ever been as conclusive to show what the truth is. That doesn’t mean I want to have an encounter with a ghost myself, but I will like to see if science can explain this phenomenon of spirits – good or bad. Is there a meta-physical world? Are the after-life and the supernatural connected?

I have asked these questions to myself, but then think they are of not much consequence to the world. There are question of greater concern to humanity which need to be answered first. What is a greater worry is that some people who are in a position to give answers to significant questions don’t choose to do so. Why are nations still building nuclear arsenals? Why are industries and their machines still polluting the atmosphere in spite of the prophecy of the mega-floods due to global warming? Why are there deaths in the name of God? Why are we so high-handed in our approach towards living in a world of compromises, but a world which is peaceful? Too many questions, some will never find their answers, others will never get their answers. The line of distinction is fine but worth noticing.


sthupit girl said...


Nice place you have here. I actually came so as to find out what lead you to my blog, but considering you don't have a "blogs I visit" list, I've run into a dead end.

The state of chaos and the stability of anything are related. We're moving towards exactly that- stability. Considering we all are going to die one day, what's all the fuss about living?

Miracles, according to me lose their charm if they are explained. It's calming to believe that there IS a greater force.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, hope to see you there more often.


Whispering Shadow said...

If man knew everything, perhaps he will reach a dead end in the road to intellectual growth at some stage in life. However, I think these mysteries are extremely enigmatic and intriguing. The debate on stability is a very open one, and I don't think we are anywhr close to it, within our race or with our world.

As far as how I reached your blog goes, I can say, I bumped into it. I don't have a 'blogs I visit' list, coz I generally am not a regular at any blog. Just about starting to know a lot of bloggers now. I started of with my blog being my soul-curator.

Seeker of Truth said...

Speaking of perplexing questions, and pressing questions (and depressing questions, two quotes come to mind:

The best things in life are nearest: Breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you. Then do not grasp at the stars, but do life's plain, common work as it comes, certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things in life.
R L Stevenson

Start by doing what is necessary, then move on to what is possible and soon, you may find yourself achieving the impossible!
St. Francis D'Assissi

If only there was such order and intelligent restraint in our inquiries and our demands from life!

Whispering Shadow said...

Yeah. I completely believe that the human mind is a wanderer and its thoughts cannot be restrained or controlled. When I say the mind, I talk about the sub-conscious.

Couldn't have put it in words like yours but no many can weild the pencil of god. Privilege having you on my blog.