Monday, December 03, 2007

not very aMUsing

I wrote a similar one before the vivas and I am writing one now, the motive being the same - To vent my frustration.

I have this paper called Filter Theory and Applications (FTA) the day after. Don't gauge the level of sophistication of the subject by the big names used. Or hold on, may be the subject is highly conceptual in reality. However, the way the university papers are set, any one without an engineering background can make it through if he can mechanically absorb a lot of formulae and algorithms and put in some practice in perfecting these. The worst part is that the amount of portion incorporated is so vast that you don't get a chance to work on the finer details and learn everything superficially. Part of the blame lies on us because we don't start early, but we are proud to take consolation in the fact that the student needn't be perfect if the system itself is faulty.

I think I should stop cribbing now. I am taking a break and will not spoil it discussing Mumbai University. The feeling of boredom today was so intense that I spent around half an hour observing a congregation of crows, numbering in hundreds, if not thousands. They are so organised that you wonder why man doesn't learn from them how to stay in harmony. When two of their Raven leaders (that's what I took them to be) cawed, everyone seemed to listen quietly. And then at one go, they all dispersed like a group of cadets.

When you compare them with the pigeons, you realise their niche. Pigeons seem to be mentally challenged. They don't know where the exit to a room is once they enter, even though the openings remain intact. They are one of the most libidinous birds I have seen. Besides, they hog and hog non-stop and then keep defecating at anytime anywhere, making a mess of structures. Don't get me started on their cooing. Navjot Singh Sidhu will get a complex. Such behaviour might be attributed to their physiology or social setup, but still, I don't have a great deal of respect for them. How can someone be so stupid?

I can't believe I wrote this. Just shows the impact which the unimaginable long PL(preparatory leave) has had. I hope the exams don't make things worse though. Long live the crows.

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