Sunday, November 25, 2007

What your pick up line shouldn't be?

We all love our social networking sites. Why won't we? They are a great place to catch up with new friends and find long lost ones too. But on the flipside, there's this whole menace of despo's scrapping. Being a guy, I don't bear the brunt of those scraps, but I have seen a lot of those in the scrap books of some of my female friends. Here're are some (marked in bold) I found from one of the communities against desperados for everyone to have a good laugh. I have supplemented them with replies of my own.

u are so must have hurt falling down from heaven!

Yeah, pity I'll have to go back up there after reading this.I don't have any plans of falling down again.

You look so soothing . Do you really soothe others ?

Man, where did you see that side of me? Genius. I thought only my husband has experienced that bit.

U n I have the same b'day. Ummm Lets find out what more we have in common than our horoscopes.

Hmmm. Yeah despo scraps. U write them. I get them.

What will you say if I tell you that your grandmother was more beautiful than you and you will be more beautiful than your granddaughter ?, Please , explain.

U have even started hitting on my grand-daughter, huh? Heights of desperation.

Let's do breakfast tomorrow. Should I call you or nudge you?

You can dial 100 and confirm the date.

read ur profile (timepass karna tha)....
found it quite interesting (maskaa maar raha hoon)....
u lookin good in this pic(yaar ab jhooth bhi bolna pad raha hai iske liye)....
will u like to b my frnd plzz (chalo tu nahi to koi aur mil jaayegi teri frndlist mein)....
i hope u wont mind me adding u (plz bhaav mat khana, add me )....
just check out my profile (kuchh likha nahi waise maine)...
u'l find we hav lots of things common (teri profile padh ke hi add ki hai maine)...
bye n take care ( mere bolne se jaise firk pad jaayega )

hahahaaaa just kidding ,dont mind.....can v be frnds? do reply,
Keep Scraping
tak care,,

enjoy life...

read your scrap (time waste hogaya)

jst hope you won't mind blocking you (zyaada naraaz mat hona)

good bye for ever (mere bolne se farak padta hai)

Browsing through your profile, it’s just a proactive endeavor on my part to extend my sincere gesture in the realm of friendship. Bordering on grounds of personal sobriety, i put forward this amicable gesture in front of you. In eager anticipation of a speedy response from your side. WANNA B FRIENDS????

I am unyielding when it comes to the scraps sent to be my those who have their hormones surging to titanic proportions. My firm resolve is that I will erase the rubble of futile amorous scraps from my book at their first signs. Since you stood your ground on the borders of sobriety, I will just take one step past it: Get a life moron!

hey u ve been voted 80% sexy... tht qualifies u to ve a chat wid me... n then if i feel tht u ve somethin more than just a pretty face.... i might give u a chance to think over the whole "um nt much into making "fraandshaps" wid random ppl" thingy...

I grab every opportunity with both hands. In addition to random people, I have also added Beauty Pageant judges to the list.

hello. i am vary alone boy and i am looking for desent frandchip in this materilistic worlds...i am hopes u will not say no to me as i am ables to be vary gud frands. if u saus yes then meat me at emceedonalds (mcdonalds) at the seaview

Cum too emceedonalds and meat the barger. Sertainlee, do reech by time.

Hi me very friendly boy wanting to make ispecial fradship with you!...
I read your profile and me very impressed with your thinking you are modern and nice and very good a good salary making boy living with my mother. people say that me very good looking and friendly and having gr8 personality..........plzz be my friend i will be very nice to you .....mother swear!!!..........plz makin special frandship with me!!!

I live with my mother and she has told me NOT TO TALK TO STRANGERS. Mother Swear! I can't disobey her.

u have already lots of friend and u have no love ooooooh very bad

u don't even seem to be having friends. oooh very bad. help yourself first. (The girl changed her name to Savitri from Kashmira, her age to 37 and relationship status to married with kids)

I just go trhugh ur profile and its reely intrusting an the thing is i wanna hilight in ur profile is ur frandly aitiude t0 ur frands so keeps it up :) and profile of u is sumway comun to myne one :) so can we be the sharing sum gud lines of comun intrusts if u dont mand ?? and yeahhhhhhhhhhhh 1 more similar things i.e. ur handswrittung in ur profile is 2 gud !!! evun i do !!! any of way just drop a lil scrap for me !! tczzz enjwoy life and keep smilung

Dropped. The scrap as well as you.

So my dear fraands, I hope you were as entertained as I was when I wrote this. Do leave some of your own favourite worst pick up lines and alternative replies if you have any.


Nikita said...

i got this scrap jst yesterday!:

Hey i swear i've seen u in my dreams...ur one of mah oldest fr"ei"nds...pls reply me...

Loser kahin ka!!

Rahul said...

dis ws frm a female in Brazil:

Hey,ur Brthday is 2morro...Happy Brthday in advance!
wanna b frns?

i mean wth???

Whispering Shadow said...


Wow..Atleast a brazilian wrote to u in english. Lucky u. Though the content wsnt worth translating..

mohit said...

i think this waz simply awesum....u deserve dis

Whispering Shadow said...

Thnx. Actually speaking, this blog hd very lil' inputs frm my side.. U shd thank those loosers who md it all worthwhile [:)]

Vishy said...

My friend had a cartoon character in her profile photo, and had not posted any photos in her album; still, a really perceptive character scraps her, "Hey, you look really cute! Wanna be frenz?" :D

The Illuminator said...

Call it heights of desperation!!