Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Shadowy Times Are Here Again

I eagerly look forward to Diwali, the festivals of light. It is an occasion where the entire family gets together to welcome the goddess of wealth into their homes, so it naturally gives you time to catch up with each other amidst the otherwise hectic routines. The shopping, sweet and savouries, candles and diyas and gifts are all an added bonus. Who doesn’t like such happening holidays? But then that’s not exactly the reason I connect with the whole affair. I love the shadows. Ok, I am sounding very abstract, so let’s analyse this a little further.

Ever wondered why I named my blog Whispering Shadow? That’s because I am enchanted by the concept of a shadow. I beg to differ from the entire community who use shadow as a synonym for darkness. With the poetic license perhaps it is acceptable to do so (read ‘Blame it on the Shadows’ on this blog), but in reality I take a different opinion on the issue.

How can something whose origin itself lies in light be compared to darkness? Their can be no shadows without light, yet darkness can flourish in such circumstances. They are so dark, yet their genesis lies in light. I think that’s what makes them special. On the other hand, darkness is a complete absence of luminance.

Apart from your name, the only thing that is associated with you permanently is your shadow. They follow you loyally, being neutral spectators to the events in your life, which takes an incredible amount of patience and persistence (especially if you are an irritating jerk :P).

Your shadow elongates and shortens during the different times of the day, but it still represents the same shape, which is your own. It shows the importance of moulding yourself with time but not losing yourself in it.

After a lot of rambling, I come back to my primary question. As explained before, the origin of shadows lies in light, and the extra radiance during the nights of the fiesta harbours them even during the hours of darkness. This Diwali, I hope that more people are captivated by them, because it is just a question of interpretation, not reputation.

Happy Diwali !!


Metallica bhakt! said...

Its a nice thought on Shadows..yeah as a kid somehow even I was fascinated by them! especially when as per the light they used to grow tall or short! another thing that amused me was that..they face both the light n darkness simulteneously coz as u said, they come only after light falls on em!!

Ravi said...

hey there!

you've got a nice blog mam :)

and your snaps are also good..specially the candle one..background is total back and in the midst of all we have a sole candle burning..cool!

take care..


Metallica bhakt! said...

you've got a nice blog ma(n)m!! *chuckles*..blog does help in over*shadowing* the true identity!! ;)..

Whispering Shadow said...


I gs ms.metallica bhakt did the needful corrections..Thnx 4 all the compliments thou..I assume they are independant of the gender of the blogger [;)]