Sunday, July 22, 2007

The End of an Era

It was the day every Potter fan was waiting for - 21st July, release of the seventh and last installment of the series which many in our generation have grown up with. Having read the book now, I would like to issue a warning that this blog entry might turn out to be a bit of a spoiler, so go further if you don’t mind bits and pieces of the story being thrown open to you.

Jo Rowling couldn’t have thought of a better finale than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The entire story is so well narrated that you really can’t let go off the book once you begin. Unlike the previous books, this book as expected, is darker and moves at a expeditious pace.

I made my share of predictions in the Potter-o-logy article. Introspecting on where I went right and here I went wrong, here’s a brief summary:
1>Harry is the chosen one and he survives. I was on the spot there..
2>The Horcruxes were pretty much on target, except I missed out on Ravenclaw’s Tiara and Harry himself. As far as the latter goes, things were a lot different in the book because Harry now had the deathly hallows’ stone of resurrection with him.
3>Snape was on the good side all throughout. In fact, he turned out to be one of the best loyalists of Dumbledore himself.
4>Dumbledore was dead. I believed he would come back, but even though he physically did not show up anywhere in the book, he gave help throughout, through Snape and later in the chapter King’s Cross.
5>Grawp and the two-way mirror played important roles, thought not as big as I thought they would be.
6>The invisibility cloak was significant, because it was what got them to believe that the Hallows weren’t pieces of Xenophilius Lovegood’s imagination.

There are parts in the book where there is death and despair unlike any witnessed so far in the series. Nonetheless, all the way along, there is a sense of belief and reader’s kind now begin to understand the whole ‘power of love’ business which Dumbledore kept stressing on time and again.

All in all, a befitting end to a story that I had become obsessed with for quite a few years. As a Potter maniac,I am elated that Harry indeed turned out to be “the-boy-who-lived” at the end of the series but then somewhere down inside, I know that there’ll be no more magic to look forward too.

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nyda said...

Gosh! This book has surely left us with mixed feelings...On the good side, it's the Fact that we finally know the end and destiny of good ol' potty....on the not - so - good side ,its that empty more Potter books to await in the boring summer vacations.*sigh* Almost a tragedy to us who have grown up with the Series.

Now specifically talking about the Deathy somehow, it could have been better...all of it! It just was not the same without the hogwarts atmosphere! Though i would say the last chapter[not the crappy bollywood much 19 laters one]was pretty strong...i loved the way Voldemort was defeated!Perfecto =).

I really hope she does something more to the whole potter story..maybe like a second evil to fight or maybe the story based on the kids..its just gona be so sad if this is the dead end.=(

[I was bored with absoultly nothing to do so thought about reading your blog..and I must say..Good job!]