Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ban-ned Wagon and Crazy Party-ing

Ban Orkut. Ban Valentine's day. Ban this. Ban that. After all, freedom of expression is only theoretical. It's the fundamentalists who control the actual nature of our democracy. I don't think any of are unfamiliar with these agitations? Shiv Sena. Rings a bell?

Even more hilarious was the recent movement to rename Bombay Blues to Mumbai Blues. Like poet's have a poetic license, entrepreneur's surely do have the right to name their ventures at least! Besides, Bombay Blues is quite a name in dining. It's like asking the Indian National Congress to change their name to Bharatiya Rashtriya Parishad.

Knowing how jobless Shiv Sainiks are at present, and how much I love giving advice when it is not asked for, here are a few more suggestions to keep them busy, keeping in mind their calibre.

1>Rename Indian Idol to Bharatiya Idol. Sinful showing videsi names on national television.
2>Make sure all names are written in Marathi too on hoardings and magazine covers.
3>Renaming Nightclubs, red light - laal batti, velocity-gatti, poison-zeher..that will make things a lot more swadesi!
4>Any one abusing in English should be abused back in Marathi.
5>Starting new day's like, Marathi Manus divas (Maharashtra day ain't what we want)
6>How about rapping in Marathi?! Any takers??

These are of course some of the many things which we can expect our responsible political parties to do, once most of them stop doing bigger things, like triggering riots by coming up with policies as brilliant as reservations.

Oh no, they also come up with something better. India shining? Yeah, as if we didn't know. But why are they claiming they were the reason. Tube-lights, these people. May be that's why they kept showing off the name of the party between every few clips. The Indian people as usual, did nothing. A bunch of 795 intelligent leaders in that Parliament of ours did it all. Pat on their back.

It's a sad state, for us, the Indian Citizens. Freedom of expression is suppressed, freedom of choice is useless. There is no point cribbing because we are somewhere responsible, but then it does make us feel good, doesn't it? After all, that's perhaps the only game India plays well, the Blame game!

Oh that reminds me, how's that for the national sport? Hockey is in the dumps, Cricket is going that way, we need a substitute!

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