Thursday, May 31, 2007


I am self-confessed Potter-maniac. I am obsessed with the books and am eagerly awaiting the last instalment of the series. Since anyone and everyone is making their predictions about the end the story is going to meet, I really can't keep my big long nose out of it.

As far as Harry being a horcrux goes, it is improbable that Voldemort would want to kill Harry and destroy his horcrux. So far, we know about the following horcruxes:
1.Tom Riddle’s Diary (destroyed in Chamber of Secrets)
2.Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring (destroyed by Dumbledore in HBP)
3.The Locket (apparently destroyed by R.A.B – Regulus Black)
4.The Hufflepuff Cup (not a certainity though)
5.Nagini, the snake (again Dumbledore’s guess)
6. ????

Voldemort split his soul into seven parts of which the last part is still with him. At least for now we can be sure of the fact that Harry is not one of the 6 horcruxes Voldemort had created before he was banished. It is possible that he might be an unintentionally created Horcrux which even Voldemort doesn’t know about and in killing him, he would also destroy another part of his soul.

But somehow, this doesn’t fit in for me. Who will kill Voldemort then? Definitely not Neville, as the prophecy said “the lord will mark his equal” and we don’t need a bigger proof than Harry’s scar. Besides, the prophecy also stated “neither can live while the other survives.” Voldemort is bound to be defeated so the rumours of Harry dying will end as rumours only.

Another big thread which has been left open from the previous books is about Snape’s loyalty. Dumbledore is one of the most powerful and knowledgeable wizards ever. He having trusted and defended Snape during so many instances in the six books so far, clearly shows that Dumbledore had more than a reason too believe in him. Dumbledore can’t be as dumb, can he?

This brings me to the question “Is Dumbledore dead in the first place?” Yes, he is. Even Rowling stated that “Dumbledore is dead and he will not do a Gandalf.” Gandalf never died in LOTR. Let us no forget that there was no one who was more far-sighted than Dumbledore in the wizarding world. In order to get Voldemort to count on Snape as one of his men once again, there could have been no better way than Snape have killed the biggest threat that existed to the Dark Lord himself.

Besides, there is another catch to it. There is no mention of Dumbledore’s body in the book immediately after he is cursed by the Avada Kedavra. It is possible that Dumbledore had found a way to cheat death. If any one could, it was him. There was something mystical about falling from the North Tower. Even Dobby, the elf, had made a mention of it in the Chamber of Secrets.

We must also not forget that the unforgivable curses don’t have any effect if they are not backed by a strong desire to cause harm ( as seen when Harry tried the Crucio curse on Bellatrix in the Ministry in the Order of the Phoenix). It is possible that Snape used an unspoken charm to have killed Dumbledore which the latter had found a way to reverse.

In the case that Dumbledore is not going to return, the only reason could be his plan would have been incomplete without this sacrifice. Dumbledore would have surely been aware of how defenceless would Harry be in his absence from Hogwarts. The exact reason is something which I haven’t been able to find so far.

Two other factors which might have an important role to play are – Grawp, Hagrid’s half brother and the two-way mirror which Sirius handed over to Harry in the ministry. Rowling would not have given these things so much attention had they been of no consequence.

Before I conclude,there is one last interesting piece of info which I came across and will like to share. Ever wondered about the importance of the invisibility cloak? Why did James hand it over to Dumbledore before his death? Dumbledore had stated in the Soceror’s Stone that he doesn’t need the cloak to become invisible. Besides, there weren’t many cloaks of this kind available anywhere. Is it something which has been passing in the Gryffindor bloodline? Is Harry the heir of Gryffindor? Is the cloak possible a horcrux of someone from Gryffindor?

Guess we’ll all have to wait and watch. The excitement is killing me. The last week of July will give all the answers.

With regards to all the fake e-books making the rounds, I wonder how do people not realise they're a far cry from Rowling's style of writing. I am kind of tired of hearing "This is the real thing!" Nonetheless, they are highly amusing with their entertaining plots and melodrama and make good reads when you have absolutely nothing else to do. For instance, did you know that Dudley is a wizard? I just read it yesterday in yet another e-book of the Deathly Hallows. There’s more to it too. He goes on to become the next Dark Lord. All I’ll say is - LOL.


sneha said...

shit yaar.....wat a blog!!!!!!
cudnt understand a word of wat u,ve written....i thnk i need to read the books asap!:(

Swathi said...

you've put a lot of thought into this..
And i completely agree with th snape issue.. dumbledore's made a lot of mistakes but he can't be THAT stupid..He completely trusted Snape and i do too..
But about Harry being a horcrux.. i still feel it is a possibility..As you said,it was probably unintentional and Rowling wants to end her books without being forced into continuing..what better way than to kill the lead?
However,that's an interesting theory you've brought up..that of Snape not intending to kill Dumbledore with the avada kedavra curse..but since he is dead,doesn't really make a difference anymore does it?
intersting blog :-)

Whispering Shadow said...

If Harry is a horcrux, he'll hv to be the 7th horcrux wch means Dumbledore my instincts say he might jst nt be tht!!