Friday, May 18, 2007

The Indecision of a Bored Mind

It has been a relatively long time since I last posted an entry on the blog. Surprisingly, I had enough to write on while my oral exams were on. Now, when I have nothing to do in the PL, I have nothing to write in my blog either. Actually it is not that I don't have anything to write, but then, the boredom is sapping away all the creativity, like a black hole.

Often I have visited this page in the last few days, clicked on the create button and ended up writing a para and shortly after, pressed ALT+F4. This entry is a collection of all those random ideas put together into one long crazy potpourri. Read ahead at your own risk.

The first one in the list, Unearthed, a brilliant reality show. For the first time I felt that it was something close to reality, throwing away all those glycerin bottles and sentimental prayers witnessed by the hidden cameras in the bed rooms. I am a documentary lover so this one had my special attention. It was about 6 budding wild-life film makers fighting it out, to make the best short film. The action keeps you on the edge of the seats. By the end of it (4 episodes flat!), I had a new found respect for these naturalists, because they make it look very easy on the show, but behind the cameras the challenges are formidable. For those interested, Unearthed II, coming soon!

Second, was an entry on hypersomnia. It is a new bug that has caught the wannabe insomniac in me. As soon as you open the book, your eyes start watering,(yes, it's without the glycerin), your head starts feeling a little dull and dizzy, and your body shows a strong desire to just fall into bed and go to sleep again. Most of the much-needed studying has been washed away in those splendid and completely mistimed hours in the dream world. I am sure I'm not the only one facing the problem, so keeping fighting till you succeed.

Sneezing was another favourite. It was my only past-time these days. Whenever I was not sleeping, I was sneezing. I wanted to write the autobiography of the common cold virus, but then decided against it, cause it might not be impressed by my prejudiced opinion and would hit back with greater vengeance.

Also featuring in one of the more memorable of the past few days was my birthday. I could have written a blog on what a perfect gift would be like, but then what's the fun when everyone ends up giving you the same present and you are not left guessing? Or perhaps, what an ideal birthday celebration should be like? Yeah, that sounded like fun, but it's highly subjective. Or the least, update my friends on what I did. Well, if they're friends, then they can always call up or chat, why put up something you'll put in a diary on public space?

The last and the one on which I had almost written a full entry was digital photography. Yes, it's something I love indulging in. Of the many times I have been terribly low and colourless, the camera has come to my rescue. Like the other day, I spent an hour clicking (or trying to click) the perfect ripple and a drop of water. Trust me, though digicams give you a free hand at the number of pictures you can click and the auto mode makes life very easy, proper photography requires quick response and highly stabilised cameras. In this department, digital cameras are far behind the high end film cameras. If not a high end film camera, perhaps I could do with a sub-SLR digicam for now since I'm still learning. But then, it does no harm to aspire higher(sly grin). (If you want to view the pictures, please visit my flickr album. )

I have reached the end of a very very random entry. I guess it is not the best one for the reader but it makes me feel a lot better. Finally I have managed to churn up something. Hurray!


krithika said...

well guess uve never had a friend like me who doesnt do either often.. but whos sayin it has to be personal..u can just write wat u did n all..ive seen ppl do that,thats y i asked

Whispering Shadow said...

Hmm yeah, bt u still sw pics..a picture's worth a thousand words. Chill..will tell u personally!

krithika said...

hmm i havent seen this axe ad..i like the ericsson one too!n all diamond jewellery ads :D i didnt know u really had put pics on orkut btw!