Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Crossroad

Often there comes a time
When you have to make the choice
Between the roads that are perspicuously drawn
But where they lead to, is unknown.

The logic of the head
The cravings of the heart
Each as effortless to give into
Relinquishing either is equally hard too.

A path you have always wanted and deserved
The one you have trodden on before
Safe and sure, with no risk of getting lost
But is it, once again, worth the cost?

The other is a journey aboard
A ship that sails in the ocean unexplored
With new challenges, and greater danger
Are you willing to be the intrepid ranger?

The best alternative or the right one
The crossroad is hazy and vision is blurred
In darkness, when the sun sets
For enlightenment, I look up to the stars.


Anonymous said...

dude..the poem rocks!!.....Pushpa

Vishy said...

Crossroads of a slightly different kind... Wrote this poem long ago...