Thursday, March 01, 2007


That is perhaps all I heard. I saw THE light that night. All this while I was walking back from a friend's place, with a bunch of four pals, fooling around and cracking jokes that matched the level of insanity of a drunk person, virtually! It had been a great evening and the transition to normality was bound to take more time.

On the way to our destination we had to cross this two-way 4 lane highway. In everyday terms, it's no big deal, and it was not very different that night. With our senses on high alert, we began crossing the road. Lane 1, 2 and 3 passed smoothly.

Jack crossed lane 4 too, without much of a hiccup, well almost! I followed him, at my own regal pace, assuming the car that was around 150 meters away to slow down a bit while I walk past. Sam was about to begin a while later. Iyer held his line.

I was about to receive the shock of my life. The car never slowed down. The driver only flickered his lights in a frenzy. The blaring of the horn just grew louder as every milli-second passed. Yes, milli-seconds, because that perhaps was one of the longest moments of my life. I realised I'll never make it past if I don't run. Iyer sensed that Sam too wouldn't.

I rushed past just in the nick of time while Iyer pulled Sam back. Turning back to see everything ws fine with the other two, It just struck me that they literally scraped through, with two cars being just inches away on either of their sides. If it was an obese person, then I am 101% sure that either his paunch or his posterior would have got a quick shave.

We reached the other side of the road, but yeah, not the other side of the tunnel. We saw the lights of the heavens for a while, but I am glad it ended there. Needless to say, we were back to euphemistic sarcasm some time later.

*All names used in this entry are absolutely fictitious.

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