Sunday, March 25, 2007


Have you ever put in your heart and soul in something? Have you prayed that the means meet the end? Have you ever hoped that your hard work and efforts pay off? These are the first few expectations you have of a mega-event, for which your team and you put in more than 8 hours in a day, for almost a month.

Focus '07 was all this and more and I can say with great pride that I was a part of it. The challenge was in the fact that the success of the event was not defined by the size of the audience who attend the event or whether the people were entertained. It was never meant to be that. We didn't want it to be the best symposium, we wanted it to be a class apart.

"A Thought for the Lesser Tots", a discussion based on the theme of underprivileged children, was at the heart of Focus. The purpose was to spread a message and spread it right. People preach and often don't practise. You keep watching such discussions on TV, but they are forgotten as soon as the show reaches its credits' section.

We aimed at striking a cord with the audience. When people volunteer to give their share of food to the kids in the slums nearby, or pay them a visit with one of the guests, then you know that you have reached what you start out for. Even contributing indirectly to the cause by purchasing articles made by these kids, is a decent start, if not a great one.

Personally, the joy of being able to work for a cause was unmatched. I will be lying if I say I felt very strongly for the cause when I began working for it, but with time, as I found our more about the misery in the life of these youngsters, I was working for them rather than the symposium. I guess that was what kept most of us going through those long tiring days, though, full of fun, work and unforgettable moments!

We as a team had our share of differences, in opinions as well as ideologies, but the fact that we loved the reason we were working for, besides the fact that our society was as important a part of each and everyone's life, eased out friction completely. It seemed a near impossible task in the conceptualization stage, but the team effort definitely did pay off well.

29 people, one team, one cause, and one grand event! There are few events which are etched in your life forever, and for me Focus ‘07 is definitely going to be one of them.

To know more about the event, read the report in DNA .


krithika said...

good one!cheers esp to the te council who have slogged like hell for this

Anonymous said...

gotta admit......u r nt only gud at ur wrk u rock here too!!!!
just as u once told me....our efforts wil pay off....and they have....but v all still hav a long way to go ahead!!!!
rock u always hav...wherever u r....sme ppl wil always be besides u...!!!

Anonymous said...

good one man!...pusugo here

Anonymous said...

Yeah what a feeling it was!

And what more..uve even generated a readership base fr ur blog...hehe nt bad either!