Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Homecoming

As the cuckoo sings
I awaken from my slumber
With a delicate yawn
I remember
It’s time to go home
The place where I belong

I soar with aplomb
On my chariots
Of dull azure and sapphire clouds
Taking the path of the wind
I speed away
With gusto and zing

I can see my destination
A concrete jungle
A treasure-trove of colours
With pockets of emerald
Bordered with sand
Bustling with life

The waves welcoming me
With their gushing applause
While the land looks at me
With eager eyes
Asking me the reason
For my delayed arrival

Justified is its question
But so is my reason
I tell it that there are changes
Brought about in my life
By its inhabitants
That are far beyond my control

Better late than never
Is the reply
As I begin my descent
Soaking the warmth
Shadowing the landscape
Inspecting parched patches

I guess its time
To announce my arrival
I throw sparkling pearls from my purse
Knocking thunderously
On the door
Of my destination

The earth greets me with its pleasing fragrance
The leaves flutter with joy
Animals leave their dwelling
Streams come back to life
I’ve been anticipated and missed
Of that I’m aware

I’m the rain
I’m the rain
My life begins in the heavens
It ends in the drains
Yet I continue to serve selflessly
As life itself is my second name


SimplyBlessedBliss said...

Wow!!! Wonder if any other exclaim to express great pleasure here? Been reading each and every post on this blog for the past few days but couldn't stop myself posting comment on 'My Homecoming.' "I'm the rain, my life begins in the heavens, ends in drains, yet I continue to serve selflessly as LIFE ITSELF IS MY SECOND NAME..." mirthful lines... maybe our rain feels the same, these lines touched me to the core.. Love the poetry section on your blog buddy.

The Illuminator said...

Thanks for the appreciation. My poems are all about the mood on that day...mostly metaphors of real life.

I must apologize for not having visited your blog (I usually do so, but I have been starved for time) Will drop in sometime soon.